Admission and Registration

Admission is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration is for a complete 36-week year. Lesson times should be arranged with the teacher before registration.

Financial Policy

1. All students are required to pay an annual registration fee of $40.00 per student prior to commencement of lessons. The maximum fee per family is $80.00. This fee is not refundable after acceptance.

2. Tuition fees for the full year are due and payable at the beginning of the academic year, and may be made in one of two ways: payment in full, or four equal instalments. Cheques must be forwarded to the Academy at the commencement of lessons. In case of four instalments, please post-date cheques for the first of September, November, February, and April.

3. In the event of a cheque being returned for any reason, there will be a handling charge of $25.00.

4. Non-payment of fees will be grounds for withdrawal of lessons. Reinstatement of lessons will not occur until payment has been made in full for the remainder of the year

5. Where students from one family take lessons consecutively from one teacher, the cost of lessons will be calculated at the individual lesson rate, and not at the combined rate.

6. Make-up lessons are at the discretion of the teacher to a maximum of two lessons.

7. If a student withdraws during the year, four weeks notice will be required, except in extenuating circumstances, as approved by the Board and the teacher. In the event of no notice being received, the cost of four weeks tuition will be deducted prior to any refund. There are no refunds for group classes.

    I accept the above terms and conditions of registration to the North Shore Music Academy

    $40 registration fee + one cheque for tuition payment in full$40 registration fee + four cheques of equal installments dated Sept 1, Nov 1, Feb 1, Apr 1$40 registration fee + INTERAC payments on Sept 1, Nov 1, Feb 1 and Apr 1
    INTERAC payments can be sent to:
    [email protected]

    I allow recital photos to be used for website /brochure purposesI do not allow recital photos to be used for website /brochure purposes